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How to get started


Tell us about your services

The form below asks what kind of tasks you are interested in offering, and in which areas.

Interview and agreement on cooperation

We will call you to get to know you better. This way, customers know they are getting the best service, and you feel comfortable going to work.

We announce the jobs in the application

We provide you customers who need services in the area you want. We will tell you the details of the gig. Your only expense is the commission.

The customer reviews the service

The customer gives a review of the work done. A satisfied customer buys again and tells a friend.

Become a hero as an entrepreneur or small business owner

You can act as a Hero24-hero either through your own company, possibly employing others as well, or get your own Business ID from us to act as a light entrepreneur without the pressure of your own business.

What distinguishes Hero24 light entrepreneurship from other similar services?

While other services that offer light entrepreneurship offer their customers the opportunity to invoice without starting their own company, Hero24 also offers its customers. The salary payment model is light entrepreneurship, but you can also get work from us.

We have a large number of customers whose orders you can choose from the Hero24 app. In addition to customers, our hero gets work management, i.e. a calendar where you can see all possible gigs in your area.

Wanna be a hero?

We are looking for heroes who:

  • Perform their work in high quality
  • Serve customers professionally and well
  • Own all the tools needed for work
  • Have a well-executed history of the services they offer
  • Have insured their activities in an appropriate manner
  • Speak Finnish or English fluently

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